Vastu Consultancy

We understand and analyse your requirement, and accordingly design, and execute the plan. We offer you professional interior design options based on Vastu Shastra. These are the perfect designs having a luxurious touch and will surely generate peace in your mind.

We utilize the natural energy sources for the placement of subtle elements to its correct place. According to Vastu Shastra, the direction of the main gate brings positive energy good health and prosperity. Indecor experts will try best to give you happiness. We will décor your dream home the best combination of spirituality and luxurious aesthetics.

- Elements in Vastu Interiors

Placement of elements: We try our best to maintain the equilibrium and harmony between the natural elements and your body. With the right positioning of these elements, we can manage the balance between the interior and exterior of the body.

Designing of entrance and windows: We focus on doors and windows as they require significant attention. The direction of the gate and windows towards positive facing maintains the astronomical possibilities and brings more natural lights to brighten your house.

Colour: Vastu Shastra colour plays an eminent role in balancing our body, mind, and spiritual energy. We choose the various shades to spur energy into different spaces and positively influences the home.

Design of mini gardens: We plan and design your garden as per Vastu Shastra. The position of the garden can significantly alter mood, ensures health and success. Garden allows you to feel the nature, luxury to enjoy the serenity and calmness.